Specializing in climate change response technologies
White Bio Technology
Ecomass: leader in the bioplastic industry
Realize a Sustainable Society
Participating in the circular economy of resource and material industry
Ecomass reduces carbon by 70%
compared to conventional raw materials.

Average daily emissions

0 kgCO2

Average annual emissions

0 tCO2
* in 100% Bio-PE
Ecomass strives to become a company that contributes to the world by creating a sustainable planet and aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions.


We started with plastic,
the ubiquitous material around us.


Sugarcane, one of the world's top-grossing crops,
gave us the answer to save the planet.


Bringing health
into your daily life

Eco-friendly household items

Conserve nature and add value to your life with TREMA

Eco-friendly bioplastic material

Brought to you by nature:
sugarcane copy paper

natural copy paper made from sugarcane

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