Ecomass, specializing in bioplastics

Since its establishment in 2007, Ecomass Co., Ltd. has devoted its focus on bioplastics. It has now become a leading company in the domestic bioplastics industry. We have been making efforts to promote green bioplastics as a way to create a sustainable society, and in the process, to build an ecosystem for the domestic bioplastics industry in its early stages. We have led the establishment and announcement of national environmental standards for bioplastics derived from sugarcane to respond to climate change and reduce ecological toxicity. As a result, we established the biomass-derived synthetic resin standards and acquired the first EL727 certification.
Whenever the opportunity arises, through various media outlets, we have been promoting and demonstrating the superiority and differentiation of the biomass industry, striving to change the market. Now, we want to transform this new industry into a bigger, more competitive, and speedy ecosystem.
By discovering new fields of application, we aim to offer our customers a wider range of eco-friendly options.
Furthermore, we intend to lay the foundation for expanding not only in the domestic market, but also advancing to the global market, including China.
Accordingly, we will go one step further from the existing distinction as eco-friendly raw materials derived from sugarcane and lead the market through continuous R&D, with a deep sense of duty as a first mover. Through sustainable management, we seek to achieve customer satisfaction and fulfill social responsibilities. By increasing employment, we will grow into a “company that contributes to the world,” in accordance with our mission.
Ecomass Co., Ltd.